dimanche 4 décembre 2011

tautogramme en A

Alario, alcoolique, abandonne aujourd’hui Astrid, alors affairée à arranger atroces azalées amarantes.

Alario arrive à Abidjan, amadoue ânes, attrape antilopes, abat autruches.

Astrid attristant agneau, abjure amour.

Anerie !



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    MICHAT..you did us wrong.
    And you did us wrong a billion times over.
    But worst of all you did the DOGS and they can't even live after it.
    But they got the books.
    And they got the books on all of you.
    So we will hold our heads up high.
    And we will get you prosecuted and hopefully the military and government get executed.
    For this we all pray.
    And " goodbye".

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